A Folkloric Year: 2022 Calendar

A series of illustrations created for my 2022 calendar. Each illustration has been inspired by British and folkloric traditions and symbolism relative to each month. Each illustration features a female figure representative of the month, birth flowers, symbolic animals and complementary colour palettes.

Artwork was originally created using a mono-print process which was then digitally collaged and composed with for digital print.


January – fresh beginnings, sow your seeds and good luck

February – love tokens and loyalty

March – stormy, windy skies and sailor protection

April – the fool and rebirth

May – the May Queen and fire festivals

June – Midsummer rituals July – summer gardens and swan upping

August – reflect and rebalance before winter begins

September – harvest the land, corn dollies and Michaelmas blackberries

October – witches , moonlight and Punky Night

November – gunpowder explosions and soul cakes

December – a very merry Christmas