The Erl-King

The Erl-King is a puppet art film I created, based on Angela Carter’s story of the same title. Focusing on themes of patriarchy and control, I visually interpreted Carter’s story using hand-made puppets, costumes, props and performance.

My approach to visualising the narrative was to satire patriarchal themes and mediums in hope of exposing immoral gender conflict and encouraging female empowerment. The medium of film and puppets are intended to visually support the idea of control and passivity that are relative to patriarchy and in turn, I hope that they add further emphasis of this to the narrative.

The final piece is a short film, approximately 20 minutes in length. The film was shot on-site at Coed Hills, Wales and at Cardiff School of Art and Design, with assistance and contributions by Marie-Louise Plum, Spike Dennis and Moth Rah.

The puppets, costumes and props have all been made by myself. I also directed, edited and performed in the film.