Illustrated Incense Holders


Limited edition illustrated incense holders by Layla Holzer

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These delicate little incense burners have been hand-created from polymer clay, and then intricately hand-painted with folk-inspired motifs for a contemporary and quirky boho vibe.

Although small, these dishes are brightly coloured and will add a gorgeous pop of colour to your room décor. Each dish is set on a flat disk to keep it sturdy.

You can use most size incense sticks in your holder, but keep in mind that the ash from the longer sticks will likely tip over the holder dish.

These holders are suitable for the standard wooden-ended standard incense sticks, as pictured. Do not use incense cones in your holder – they will melt the clay!
Listing is only for the incense holder, we do not sell incense sticks.

Each dish measures approximately 6.5cm in diameter.

As each one has been hand-painted the designs will vary. Please choose the drop-down menu to select to which dish you would like.

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