Inspired by theories on the monstrous-feminine, the female gaze, witchcraft and metamorphosis, this film presents a candle in the form of a male being melted at the will of the female gaze, which in his essay Das Unheimliche (1919) Sigmund Freud suggests has the power to control men, rendering them weak under female power. As the male wax form melts, his body breaks down. The liquid wax suggests the abject leaking of inner-body fluids and how easily the human body can be broken and destroyed, bringing forth anxieties of death. From the male body, a female form begins to emerge, echoing the biblical idea that Eve came from Adam as well as suggesting that the fear of the woman and her body comes from man himself: woman as monster is a man-made construct. In this short sequence, man becomes the thing he fears the most – a female.