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Layla Holzer Exhibition Catalogue, 2014


A 56 page catalogue focusing on Layla Holzer’s 2014 puppet films, including The Erl-King, Lady Libertine, Metamorphosis, Gaea and Mr Punch.

This book presents coloured stills from Holzer’s films, behind the scene photographs, illustrations and text by Holzer regarding her research into puppetry, patriarchy and the monstrous-feminine. There are also a selection of quotes that Holzer sought inspiration from and a foreword from illustrator Amelia Johnstone.

A4 landscape paperback catalogue, 56 pages

Printed in the UK

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56 page paperback catalogue with coloured photographs and text.

A4 landscape format

Printed in the UK

Colours may vary slightly from those depicted

Hand-signed inside the book


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