Hairy Womb

Hairy Womb | Layla Holzer 2013

From my research into womanhood and from my essay Why hair?, I have been exploring ideas about using hair inside the female body in the context of abjection and the uncanny. In my essay I expressed that hair inside or shed from the body could be considered uncanny because although we recognise it as hair, it’s strangely alien when it’s not where or how we expect it. This can create a sense of unease for the viewer.

In Hairy Womb, I have used ideas from my research into the symbolism of hair and the female, placing my own shed hair into the belly of a female torso, the core of womanhood. This is simply a visual idea, inspired by the question what happens to the womb if it isn’t used? along with thoughts of hair being used to tangle and strangle, become overgrown with time and invading a hollow space.

Glazed clay and human hair.